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Our Story

Back in time, El Mercado was a small grocery shop featuring a selection of unique Mediterranean products in town, delicatessens, bread and bakeries, dry goods etc.

With this chill backyard in front of the shop, customers start to ask for a seat to chat after running their errands.

One table was added, two, five and more than 70 today !

The shop has grown, the products range extended, a kitchen appeared, the menu got drawn on a black board, and El Mercado Phai Singto was launch!

After 6 years El Mercado represents 3 restaurants, 3 groceries, a B2B business and a e-commerce platform.

Our Team

It has all started with Axel and Lala, a Franco-Spanish couple in love of good products and desired to bring to Bangkok a taste of the Mediterranean and a range of unique products in town.

Joined by a bunch of passionate to support the expansion of the business, El Mercado represents today more than 150 employees dedicated to bring quality, consistency and unicity 

to our customers all over Thailand.

Our Values

Built by and shared among all of us at El Mercado:

  • Work hard, be honest and be flexible 
  • Empower through training 
  • Express gratitude and care
  • Serve with passion 

Our Vision

To give an alternative food experience to each person by providing a wide and unique range of food and beverage products in Thailand.

Provide our customers an educative and wholesome shopping experience with a community presence.

Be self-sufficient by using our extensive in-house procurement team.

To be sustainable by reducing the carbon print and working on reducing waste daily by not over producing, transforming products and giving to the people in needs.

Be charitable by hiring from organizations that provide help to disabled. 

Curious to know more about us and our story?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at marketing@elmercadobangkok.com

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