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+66(0)99 131 2226
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🥐 El Mercado’s Bakery 🥐

🥐 El Mercado’s Bakery 🥐

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El Mercado makes its own bread and bakeries!


If you are able to taste to this national symbol here in Bangkok it’s thanks to our head baker Amir Hakkar and his French expertise.

Amir Hakkar, 28 years old, comes from Besançon in France where he started a pastry CAP (professional certificate of aptitude) training that he reinforced with a bakery CAP.

Through his learning he had the opportunity to work all around France but also worldwide with experiences in New Caledonia, French Polynesia and La Reunion as a “tourier” (a person who deals more specifically with pastries, puff pastries, pie bases and galettes). Amir joined El Mercado Bangkok one year ago, adding a new continent to his career map!

Ask Amir what is the secret to be a good baker he will tell you passion, rigor and discipline! “Passion, motivation and discipline will bring you and your team to excellence.”

His favorite bakery?

To eat? The “Pepito” also called “Pain Suisse” in France, a crispy puff pastry filled with pastry cream and chocolate chips.

To bake? The original Croissant made with 100% French Butter!

Check how to roll a croissant here!

Mathieu began by joining a hotel school in France then he has completed a pastry CAP and joined the “Compagnon du Devoir” a community where you learn a full skills set, with whom he worked all around France. In Thailand since only few months, for Mathieu the key of being a good baker is determination, regularity and passion.

His favorite bakery?

To eat? The “Chocolate Croissant” also called “Chocolatine” in France, a croissant filled with 2 chocolate bars

To bake? The bakeries where he can draw streaks on top!

For few years now El Mercado bakery continues to provide quality products to all El Mercado’s restaurants and groceries as well as to other businesses.

The team keeps growing with the constant increase in demand, Amir and Mathieu are supported with 2 commis Kyaw and Tom.

If you didn’t get the opportunity yet, try out our French butter croissant and the El Mercado Tradition (Baguette) bread, our 2 best-sellers and discover our full range of products!

🛎 Order Now : https://elmercadobangkok.com/e-shop/

El Mercado Encanto
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Tel. 099 131 2226
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