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In a charming old house in Sukhumvit, Bangkok's bustling heart lies El Mercado – a premium fresh supermarket offering reasonable prices and dedicated to food enthusiasts.

The Chandeleur @ El Mercado Bangkok


The Chandeleur also known as Candlemas is celebrated on the 2nd of February every year, 40 days after Christmas.

It is believed that Pope Gelasius used to give pancakes to pilgrims arriving in Rome which soon became a tradition to make crêpes on that very day.

Although it has been and it still is a Christian holy day, it majorly became a cultural tradition that is now part of the French and other European culture and cuisine.

In the country of gastronomy, it is traditionally known as the day of crêpes. That day you gather with your family or your friends and enjoy a crêpe that fits everybody‘s tastes. Whether you like it sweet or savory, whether you want to make it your main dish or just the desert, you are free to choose from the selection of three savory and three sweet crêpes that we invite you to discover at El Mercado restaurant.


The savory selection

  • Mountain Galette (Montbelliard sausage and Raclette Cheese) 269Thb
  • Vegetarian Galette (Buche de Chèvre, Spinach, and Salad) 229Thb
  • Complete Galette (Emmental Cheese, Paris Cooked Ham) 219Thb

And the sweet treats

  • Crepe Sugar Lemon and Butter 189Thb
  • Crepe Apple and Seasalt caramel 189Thb
  • Crepe Banana and Choco hazelnut paste 189Thb

Feel free to drop by if you fancy one of our exclusive dishes at the restaurant on the 2nd and 3rd of February.

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