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Risotto Black Ink Lobster

Risotto Black Ink Lobster

Cuttlefish Ink – Steamed Lobster – Cuttlefish Skewers – Baked Vongole Clams

In case, if Vongole is out of stock, Chef will replace by Mussel.

฿ 1,390.00

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly!
We pack your food safely in this Pinto to avoid one use packaging!
It’s super simple, exchange your new pinto by returning the previous one!
We take a deposit of THB 300 charged with your order, after your pinto delivery, you have 14 days to return it to us and we send you the deposit back ! (Tik the Box).


You receive your food in a pinto, unpack your food and directly give us back the pinto! No fees, no deposit !

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