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El Mercado Pinto Subscription form

Limit your single plastic use in deliveries: Pinto!

At El Mercado we are convinced that by being part of this project, you give yourself the opportunity to limit your single use plastic consumption and participate with us on a bigger scale project, a conscious and responsible way of eating delivery food.

Pinto ปิ่นโต (pronouced Bìn-tō) is Thai for tiffin box or Dabbas in India – a multi-tiered food container coated in enamel used as a vessel to transport food.

By subscribing to El Mercado Pinto with 300 THB deposit, you accept to receive a take away and/or delivery food in a Pinto box , to keep it until the next order and to give it back cleaned while messenger will bring you your future order.

You will beneficiate of a 10% discount during one month on our A la carte menu.

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