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El Mercado: The Chef’s Market

El Mercado Bangkok – “Mercado” is a Spanish word that describes a market in Spanish-speaking regions – aims to be the top shopping destination for chefs and restaurateurs, as well as those who seek quality food products that they can afford but cannot conveniently find in Bangkok.

El Mercado: The Chef’s Market consists of a renovated old house with a charming patio and a laid-back atmosphere in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area. This market offers a wide range of high-quality European and local produce that include fresh and dry products.

The store sells seafood, meat, cold cuts, cheeses, and a variety of salads, including a selection of unusual and foreign (prepared) foods.

(Delicious) products El Mercado import in Thailand

Cold Cuts

A wide range of mainly imported meats from certified high-quality producers, including small and traditional local manufacturers who supply a great variety of premium products.

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This section consists mostly of live and fresh seafood that include fish, shellfish, and crustaceans that are carefully selected by hired fishmongers in the most prestigious markets in France and Spain. The imported seafood arrive three times a week by direct flights from major European cities, with maintaining quality and freshness a primary concern of El Mercado.

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Premium selection of wine and dry products at affordable prices that cannot be obtained at a common supermarket. Available also are products for professional kitchens, such as spices, nuts, oils, flour, chocolates, and condiments from around the world.


Not only Parmigiano and Cheddar cheese are stocked, but a diversity of premium cheeses are available at very reasonable prices. One of the objectives of El Mercado is to engage in a sort of ‘cheeseducation’ that promotes customer discovery and appreciation of cheeses from different parts of the world.

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Fruits & Vegetables

You won’t find much homogeneous produce here that you can get in many local supermarkets because 80% of fruits and vegetables at El Mercado is naturally grown and organic, with supply from small producers in Thailand.

Cake & Desserts

No words are needed to describe our hot-and-fresh-from-the-oven Home-Made bread that embellishes this chef’s market, where our patisserie offers, Home-made, often can be found in local coffee shop around town.

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