What we offer


The products are carefully selected from various countries and flown over to us.  We seek to find products that are not available in Bangkok.  From truffles, when in season, to a whole or a slice of Jamon, oysters, butter croissants, single-estate coffee, wine, these and many other products are available.


  • Meat and seafood preparation and marinade (we provide meat and seafood cuts, cleaned and vacuum-packed according to customized needs).
  • Roasting service (we roast meats for you, and on special occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc..).
  • Event catering for parties and commemorations (e.g. cheeses prepared in several styles for large gatherings or restaurants).
  • Assistance and sharing of product knowledge (advising customers on choosing the right products to match needs).
  • Delivery: Order online (free delivery for an order amounting to 5000 baht and more); Order via telephone.


Our flexibility allows us to cater to customized needs.  We do not insist on a minimum quantity for orders.  Whether you want to buy one single oyster or 50 gram of cheese, we shall gladly serve you.


Globalisation makes available any kind of food anywhere in the world; the process of achieving this involves different actors and middlemen.  The arrangement at El Mercado dictates that the majority of our products is not imported by ourselves.  We control the quality of our products, and are able to provide you with the relevant certificates from the producer directly.

Food Safety

El Mercado takes food safety very seriously, and work hard to implement the highest levels of food safety standards. To maintain the standards, we adhere to local import regulations, and ensure the following:

  • Select only suppliers that practise high food safety standards
  • Inspect all suppliers’ factories and workplaces
  • Import all meat and food products in accordance with Thai regulations
  • Send products regularly to approved laboratories for bacteria and shelf-life tests
  • The cold chain of food supply is maintained through:
    • Transporting products using temperature-controlled chiller lorries, and the most appropriate packaging
    • Storing products in closely monitored chill rooms
    • Selling cooler bags for clients to transport products
    • Advising clients on the proper storage and handling of their products
    • Requesting that all butchers undergo regular food safety courses, and keep abreast of the latest food safety information and standards
  • Provide color coding of cutting boards and knives to prevent cross contamination
  • Sterilize all cutting boards, knives, trays and plastic boxes that come into contact with meat using food safe chemicals, and washing with a minimum of 80°C water
  • Work with industry-leading companies to maintain food safety, e.g. food-safe chemicals and pest control maintained by Ecolab
  • Incorporate and adhere to certifications, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and ISO22000 FSMS.