Grocery Shop by El Mercado

Mini-mart located within El Mercado’s premises

Open everyday 8 am to 10 pm

The Grocery offers:

  • fresh bread (delivered daily by Amantee
    Bakery), and croissants, pastries, and desserts produced by El Mercado artisans.
  • Products such as El Mercado’s most popular cheese and cold-cuts as well as other pre-packed items (salads, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables) are available for quick takeaway at discount prices.
  • Also at reasonable prices are a range of dry products and wines.
  • Refill Service at cost-saving prices for balsamic vinegar and olive oil, which is a bestseller at El Mercado.
  • Other things to be looked at...

Premium selection of wine and dry products at affordable prices that cannot be obtained at a common supermarket.  Available also are products for professional kitchens, such as spices, nuts, oils, flour, chocolates, and condiments from around the world.